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Eric S. Filsonfilmmaker & cinematographer

Josh Garrels: The Sea In Between - Trailer from Mason Jar Music on Vimeo.

I’ve known about Josh Garrels for some time. I was introduced to his music by my friend Ross Reinhardt back when I was in college. I hadn’t really followed him, but I did listen to some of his free songs that I had downloaded to my iTunes library. While I was working on color grading The Sound of the Spirit in March of this year, I rediscovered Josh while reading a Boundless article about a new album that he was giving away titled Love, War, and the Sea In Between. Truthfully I’ve never heard an album that is so perfect. Every lyric, every melody - beautiful.

The story behind the album is just as amazing and encouraging. Josh decided to give away the album for free for one year at the prompting of the Holy Spirit. The magazine Christianity Today named Love, War, and the Sea In Between album of the year in 2011. Here is the CT article describing it:

“In the spring of 2011, the album was almost ready, lacking only Josh's final vocals, arguably his best instrument. But he'd been fighting colds and flu, and lost his voice for four months. He tried antibiotics, vitamins, steam, extra sleep, lots of prayer. Three weeks before the album deadline, Garrels began fasting. One afternoon, while taking a hot bath, he said aloud, "Lord, I pray with this album that no one would rob you of your glory."

Garrels says God's reply was immediate: Are you going to rob me of my glory?

"I almost felt like Job," Garrels says. "All that time, Job had been basically raising his fist to God, saying 'What have you done?' And then when God finally answers, Job's humbled and put in his place. It was that kind of experience for me."

Garrels says he strongly felt God saying, "Give it to me." He says, "It was like an offering. I had to weigh the cost of giving away the most substantial work I'd ever done. It all came to me in about 20 minutes, like this big download. It reached a point where I had to say yes or no, and I had to say it out loud. So I said, 'All right. It's yours.' And I knew that meant I had to give it away for one year, like it was a year of Jubilee."

It is exciting to see that Mason Jar Music is working on a documentary titled: The Sea In Between. If you like the album consider donating $5 to help finish the project. Its worth purchasing this album - check it out! On his website you can also download Love & War: B-Side & Remixes for free.

My favorite song on the album is “
The Resistance” What’s yours?